Ftms 141 Method 4061

1 folgende geräte erfüllen die norm fed. Methode neue produkte. C automatisches crockmeter. Paint varnish lacouer and related materials. Superseded test methods is listed with cross. Reference to the superseding fed. Or accepted astm test methods where applicable. 4 numerical index of accepted astm test methods. The astm test methods accepted are listed with cross. Reference to canceled fed. 2 test method format.
D march 22, section 7 notes on the use of this standard 1. Product specification. Product specifications for paint, varnish, lacquer, and related materials should specify by number the test method to use to test for a particular property. I have a specification calling for a wet adhesion test as per ftms. Method can someone tell me where i can get that spec. Paint, varnish, lacquer and related materials. Methods of inspection, sampling and testing this standard elaborates the methods used to.