Mocha Floating License

With the release of mocha pro 5. 2, imagineer systems is increasing flexibility for larger vfx facilities by adding floating license support for teams and a new render. Only license option. Users will now be allowed to run mocha pro as standalone software or as a plug. In off of one floating license server, imagineer said. Mocha v4 license instructions table of contents installing node. Locked licenses node. Locked installation installing floating licenses floating licenses. Launch mocha pro as a plug. In from within your favorite editing and effects hosts. In workflow uses the host. S media engine and project format, reducing the need for transcoding or external file management. Now supporting avid media composer. And adobe creative cloud. After affect effects premiere pro.
Single user license 25 usd or. Usd for a company license. Makes it possible to connect to a host via tcp. A floating license allows central administration of your license deployment, avoiding the need to manually activate and deactivate our software on every machine, which is particularly beneficial for large facilities. The floating license server may not be installed on a laptop. The license server may not reside in a virtual machine unless you have purchased a silhouette floating license server dongle. The silhouette floating license server dongle only works on windows and linux.