Official Ping Pong Rules 2011

Official table tennis rules. Sometimes all you want to know are the basic rules to play a friendly match of ping pong. 5 standing disabled players follow all standard rules. 5 either the assistant umpire or a separate official. How do you spell ping pong. The rules of ping pong dictate the shape and type of paddle used. Find out what a legal ping pong paddle possesses in this free video presented.
This basic guide will take you through the table tennis rule book help you understand basic ping pong rules, as per official rules laid down by. The official usatt table tennis rules with easy navigation. Quickly find the rules you are looking for in an instant. A handy guide to the most important ping pong rules. The table tennis federation rules are laid out very clearly and our guide will get you started if you.
Official rules of table tennis. Ping pong as per ittf. International table tennis federation. The table tennis official rules are specified in the ittf handbook. Pong and the art of staying alive. Official table tennis rules for an easy to read quick quide, read this instead.